Biographical Information
Kanji ザカリエル
Rōmaji Zakarieru
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Angel
Gender Male
Height 178 cm
Professional Status
Occupation Master of the Dominions
Affiliation Heaven
Personal Status
Favorite Food Mango
Manga Pillar 32
Voice Actors

Zachariel is Master of the Dominions, along with being an "Angel of Healing", particularly presiding as the angel of children, especially of children who's parents have sinned.


Zachariel has long dark hair, parted on the left side, and bound back in a ponytail. He also seems to wear long robes with a floral pattern.


Zachariel seems rather devious and blunt. He has no qualms about ribbing and baiting Michael.[1]


  1. Pillar 32, pg7

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