William Wynn Westcott (ウィリアム・ウィン・ウェスコット Uiriamu Uin uesukotto) is a mysterious man continuing on his "work". He was controlling the Demon that has been killing prostitutes - and gained the name "Jack The Ripper".[3]


He is a tall, thin man with short pale hair and somewhat droopy eyes. He has a monocle over his right eye and appears to be around thirty years old and has prominent cheekbones.


Westcott seems like a devious man, with a possible ruthless and uncaring streak.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

William Wynn Westcott

Along with Samuel Liddell Mathers and William Robert Woodman, he established the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society for modern Western ceremonial magic. Although a leader in Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia(this too was a secret society where they practices black magic and alchemy), in daily life he was a coroner.


He exchanged letters with Anna Sprengel, the leader of magic association and one of the top brass in Germany, and received permission to establish Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. But the woman named Anna does not exist, and later it’s been thought if this is not just a hoax by him.

He has schizophrenic-like tendencies, and considered to have many different handwritings.

Isaac's undercover section
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Isaac Morton: Rather than tendencies, it feels more like completely split…” [4]


  • Mathers refers to him as Dr. Westcott, so he may have a medical degree.[5]


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