Tamar (タマル Tamaru) was the sister of King Solomon.

Appearance Edit

Tamar has long hair, that could be blond considering Solomon's hair color. The same could be presumed for her eye color. She is also shown to be shorter than Solomon. In her last appearence, Tamar wore a long dress and a hooded cape.

Personality Edit

Tamar cares a lot for her family, as she asked her brother, Solomon to release their father in his last moments. In contrast, Tamar has a dislike of demons, getting rid of one when it had done nothing. She has confusion over why Solomon would associate with demons, and despises them, calling them filthy. She seems to have been in love with Solomon, as she'd wished to be his wife.[1]

History Edit

Tamar is the younger sister of Absalom and Solomon. When Solomon started to become friends with the demons instead of getting rid of them Absalom went to defeat him. It was Tamar that warned Solomon of the approaching danger.[2]

After Solomon was crowned King, she came to him, pleading that he release their father from the tower, asking if Solomon still bore a grudge against him. She went along with Solomon's wish that she go with the man interested in marrying her, despite lamenting that Solomon didn't make her his wife. She commented that it might be better that way, as she wouldn't have to see her brother's destruction.[3]

Due to Uriel, Tamar passed away while she was still young.[4]


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