Biographical Information
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Unknown (Human previously)
Ethnicity Sumerian
Gender Female
Hair Color Pale
Professional Status
Occupation Prostitute
Affiliation Gilgamesh
Personal Status
Manga Pillar 66
Voice Actors

Shamhat was a person dear to Gilgamesh.


Shamhat was a well endowed, very curvy woman. Her breasts were large and she wore a sleeveless top, held up by strings, that bared her midriff. She also wore skin tight pants or leggings. Her hair was pale, and very long - reaching to her hips as she wore it in a high ponytail.




Dantalion called her a prostitute that provided Gilgamesh to his best friend and got him wasted to finish him off. [1] Gilgamesh has forgiven her for it.[2]
What happened to her is unknown (whether she died as a human or was turned into and Angel/Demon is is not clear), however - she was seen with Gilgamesh and Enkidu during an early battle between Heaven and Hell, when Gilgamesh changed sides and allied to Hell.[3]

See AlsoEdit

See Isaac's Undercover Section on Gilgamesh for more info about her.


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