Shamhat was a person dear to Gilgamesh.


Shamhat was a well endowed, very curvy woman. Her breasts were large and she wore a sleeveless top, held up by strings, that bared her midriff. She also wore skin tight pants or leggings. Her hair was pale, and very long - reaching to her hips as she wore it in a high ponytail.




Dantalion called her a prostitute that provided Gilgamesh to his best friend and got him wasted to finish him off. [1] Gilgamesh has forgiven her for it.[2]
What happened to her is unknown (whether she died as a human or was turned into and Angel/Demon is is not clear), however - she was seen with Gilgamesh and Enkidu during an early battle between Heaven and Hell, when Gilgamesh changed sides and allied to Hell.[3]

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