Sandalphon (サンダルフォン Sandarufon) is a angel, and is often seen with Metatron.


Sandalphon is huge, very tall, with dark, bowl cut hair that covers his eyes. He wears long robes.


Not much is known, except that he's loyal to Metatron, and acts on his orders (also covering for him in Heaven). He seems to have a calm and steady personality.


Unknown. But he did capture Raguel by the order of Metatron, and is acting against Michael alongside him.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Sandalphon Isaac's undercover section

“Sandalphon: Meaning: Co-brother, Metatron’s younger twin brother. It’s said that the prophet Elijah was called to heaven and became Sandalphon, and that he ascended to heaven while alive like Metatron. His height is the same as a distance it takes human five hundred years to walk.

He has deep knowledge about music, rules over the songs in Heaven. Also has the role of deciding the gender of the fetus, and acceding the wishes of people and relay them to God. He also fights Lucifer instead of Michael, and is the ruler of the prison for angels that sinned. Protects Malkuth (Kingdom - material world) the tenth sephirah of the Tree of Life - Sephirot.

Note: Sandalphon’s other name: part of the toe of God’s(attack) on Titan.”[1]


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