Samael (サマエル Samaeru) is the Eastern Grand Duke of Hell. One of the Four Kings, the Imperial Minister and Warden of the Eastern Limbo[1], and Court Chancellor.[2] He is the only one of the four Kings not to nominate a candidate for the Substitute Ruler of Hell.

"The man closest to His Majesty, the man said to know His Majesty's will"[3]


Samael is a lean man with short, pale hair and pale eyes, two great horns curving from his head and an eyepatch covering his left eye. He wears an outfit that bares his stomach.


Samael is a calm and collected person with a devious air to him. He doesn't seem to mind doing menial jobs himself, such as listening in on conversations and gathering information. He even dressed as a woman on one occasion (to see William).


Samael was an Angel before falling to Hell. He was Lucifer's confidant even back in Heaven, and likely remains so now. He relays Lucifer's orders to the Court. He is the only ruler of Hell that hasn't chosen a candidate, though the reason why is currently unknown.


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