Raziel is an archangel, one of the members of the Heavenly Council. He is the Angel of Mystery, the "Keeper of Secrets" and said to sit near the Throne of God, who has revealed all of the Divine secrets of the universe to him. He is also the Chief of the Powers.


Raziel has dark skin, and spiky, dark hair that seems to have even darker roots that he keeps brushed back. He wears what looks like a black jacket, left open and exposing his chest.


He seems to be a laid back person - as he comments he'd rather not fight Behemoth—the Minister of Hell's Armies[1].


  • The Book of Raziel the Angel ( "Sefer Raziel HaMalach" ) is a book that holds all of the secret knowledge in the world and is a powerful book of magic. It was said to be given to Adam and Eve by Raziel after their expulsion from the Garden of Eden so that the two could better understand their God and return "home" one day. However, it was supposedly thrown into the ocean by Raziel's fellow angels, who were against giving the book to Adam.

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