Raguel (ラグエル Ragueru) is an Angel that serves under Uriel's command and an exorcist for the Hand of God. He is very devoted to Uriel and is aware of his conflicted loyalties between William and Heaven.

Appearance Edit

Raguel bears a striking resemblance to Uriel. Both have the same hairstyle and hair color. Raguel has calm brown eyes and has white angel wings.

Personality Edit

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

“Raguel One of the seven Archangels. His name means "Friend of God”. In Book of Revelation, his role is to sound the trumpet in name of God. And being one to give divine punishment on earth. Also, he is said “to take vengeance on the world of the luminaries”, his duty is to watch and denounce the other angels.

In his past, he was in 745 labelled a Fallen Angel by Pope Zachary to put an end to the excessively angel worship. Is said to be one of the angels that led Enoch to Heaven.

Raguel Isaac's undercover section
Isaac: At some point, he was taken out by human Metatron or Enoch, and in Heaven there is a serious power struggle.

Gasp Maybe even being servile to Uriel, is him actually looking for a chance to overthrow his superiors… “Vengeance on luminaries”, perhaps

Raguel: Smile

Isaac: Hya! What kind of smile is that!? Angels are scary!![1]

Trivia Edit

  • Metatron was once quite afraid of him.

Quotes Edit

  • (to Mycroft Swallow) "Adrian Swallow's body is gone. Your father was used by a demon."[2]
  • (to Uriel) "You shouldn't be in a place like this, Master Uriel... I'll do anything for you, so please..."[3]
  • (to Uriel) "Please forgive me, but you will be in danger if you don't succeed this time. Michael is serious."[4]

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