Pluto (プルート Purūto) is the Guard of the Lost World, and the former ruler of the Underworld.[2] Uriel was the one who killed his predecessor, and he was the one who dealt the finishing blow to Baphomet (who protected William Twining).


He appears short and lean, with a small chest. Pluto wears a black, half cape over a shirt bearing his stomach and shorts. He also carries a great staff with him. His hair is dark, parted in the middle and bound at the back of his head. He also has a large forehead and small eyebrows.


Pluto appears to be rather rash, and easily angered.


It's implied that he was once a God that fell to Hell in order to keep from disappearing (however Uriel remarks that he killed his predecessor).[3] Pluto is now part of Baalberith's faction.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Pluto Isaac's undercover section2

God of the Underworld in Roman mythology, Greek mythology replaces him with Hades. Many things become of Hades in the story. He was crafty and jealous with no experience around women when he went to meet a woman.

He ended up kidnapping Persephone to be his wife.

The people of Greece rarely call upon Hades, but he is called upon as the God of Prosperity Plutus, who the Roman god Pluto is connected to. For that reason Pluto is known to give prosperity and wealth.

Yet he still manages to give equal attention to and accept every item from those with faith in him.

Currently he is the guardian deity of the planet Pluto."[4], [5]


  • Utako Yukihiro revealed that Pluto's gender is male in this tweet.
  • Pluto is called the Former Ruler of the Underworld, so it may be possible that he lost his title and lands to Gilgamesh.


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