Pillar 7: Party and Battle
Makai Ouji EP7 (420)
Season 1 Episode 7
Kanji 第7柱「party and battle」
Rōmaji Dai 7-hashira「party and battle」
Air Date August 18, 2013
Opening Believe My Dice
Ending A Shadow's Love Song
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Pillar 7: Party and Battle (第7柱「party and battle」 Dai 7-hashira「party and battle」) is the seventh episode of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist anime series. It first aired in Japan on August 18, 2013.


Beelzebub warns Camio things are different now that the latter's identity is revealed, though Camio replies that he is now interested in the covenants he and Dantalion made to Solomon long ago. Meanwhile, Stradford is putting on a production of the play Hamlet with William as the director, Dantalion as Claudius, and Sytry as Ophelia. Later, Gilles de Rais comes to the school to remind Dantalion and Sytry that they must attend the annual Great Sabbat in Hell, which will also be attended by the Four Kings. At the party, it is revealed that Camio is the offspring of Lucifer and has power surpassing that of the Four Kings. Sytry's uncle, Baalberith, sends a horde of demons to the human world to kill William in a plot to take Solomon's soul. After Dantalion flashbacks to a memory with Solomon and remembers that it was Solomon's wish to die by Dantalion's hands someday, Amon informs Dantalion about Baalberith's plan. Sytry, Dantalion, and Baphomet rush to the human world to protect William, who still refuses to elect anyone for Lucifer's throne. When a demon was about to attack William, the barrier that was placed on him by Kevin earlier appears and surrounds Dantalion, oppressing his powers and causing him to go berserk. Before Dantalion could kill William, Camio arrives to stop him and orders the demons away. Afterwards, William brushes off what happened with Dantalion to help ease the latter's guilt. On the night of the play, William is forced to play as Hamlet and scolds Dantalion and Sytry for ruining it with their antics. 

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