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Pillar 7
Kanji 第7柱
Rōmaji Dai 7-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 02
Chapter 07
Release date N/A
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Pillar 7 (第7柱 Dai 7-hashira) is the seventh chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Isaac is overjoyed, and excitedly points out the demons Molech and Cerberus to William, exclaiming the were in Hell, much to the later's displeasure. The demons notice them, thinking of them as new Nephilim, but soon realise they are human and they quickly run away. The two reach a dead end and William faints upon touching a sigil on the wall.

In Stratford it's time for roll call. William is asleep and sees a demon, who comment's that their meeting is unexpected. It's a memory, as the Fallen Angel is speaking to Solomon - asking him to wait for the former to awaken in a hundered years. It was impossible, as Solomon would die by then, so he tells Lucifer that it was goodbye.

William wakes and finds that they are on the battleship of Astaroth - the Eastern (the translation does say eastern, tho she is the southern King) Grand Duchess of Hell - who saved them. Isaac is bubbly and fires off question after question. They learn that there are two types of demons - Fallen Angels and Nephilim, and that Astaroth is of the later and is the Third Astaroth. They also find out more about Sytry and Baalberith. William wants to leave, but is stopped by Lamia, who introduces herself. Astaroth expresses her interest in William, and asks him to guess who she was as a human. Dantalion is, meanwhile, looking for William. William aska questions to help him figure it out, but his time is up, and Astaroth demands he choose Dantalion.


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