Pillar 68 (第68柱 Dai 68-hashira) is the sixty-eighth of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.

Pillar 68
Pillar 68
Kanji 第68柱
Rōmaji Dai 68-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 12
Chapter 68
Release date n/a
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Summary Edit

On the first page there is an angel delivering congratulations to a woman (possibly Mary), saying that the World will now be only light and shadows.

William is sitting on a bench in Stratford, thinking how he didn't get any sleep and remembering Dantalion's face with trepidation. He thinks on how dantalion wants to be the Emperor not the Substitute King.

Swallow comes, saying that Christian is looking for him and the food from the dormitory will disappear if he doesn't come - William is off like a rocket. In the prefect's Dorm an out of breth William comes to Arthur's shout of his lateness. Arthur wants him to make him tea, and William asks what his goal is, as he would not accept an annoying joc as the managment conselor. Arthur says that that is the part of him he doesn't hate.

It's revealed that it was Barton Twining that asked it of Arthur. To William's joy, Barton is back. He reveals that he got caught up in some trouble while investigating some ruins in the Middle East - while escaping he fell off a camel and lost his memories, Arthur continues. He was excavating somethin, and found some artifacts - and decided to invest more.

William angrily says that there wasn't anybody to fund so he lid his hands on William's financial assets - Barton is nervous and William is Not Pleased. In reality his fortune was inserted into the mortgage and he lost it all. However, not there is no need to worry, as he's bought back all the Twining Family's land.

Arthur discloses that Barton is currently running a mechanics manufacture and production company in Sheffield and that there are planned combined companies with the Christian Family. William is over the Moon in joy.

While Barton had amnesia he drifted from Turkey to Poland, where the people from the Christian family (they have a mine there) told him about himself. Arthur reveals that they plan to construct a factory in Stratford in the near future.

William is shocked, but Barton says it's a good plan, as a factory will create employment opportunities and large scale unemployment weakens the country.

William asks Artur where the Head Boy is, only to receive the answer that he kicked him out (to William's amazement). Berton says he's returning to London and invites William to spend Christmas together as a family. William is happy. Arthur is contemplative.

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