Pillar 63
Pillar 63
Kanji 第63柱
Rōmaji Dai 63-hashira
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Volume 11
Chapter 63
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Pillar 63 (第65柱 Dai 63-hashira) is the sixty-third chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Baphomet is disappearing and says that most importantly William is safe, but he won't be able to keep his promise.

Dantalion is crushed, shouting to Baphomet to wait and not leave him on his own. He screams in pain and Uriel has to pull william bach as he starts killing demons in rage. Uriel says that he plans to destroy himself along with Pluto. William's commands can't stop him.

The fighting is interrupted by the appearance of Astaroth's Warship, surrounded by dragons and demons. It's Astaroth's Funeral - Baalberith (a fly spying on him) orders to withdraw the forces, commention how she is getting in his way to the end. Sytry and Camio watch, the later saying that Beelzebub's side didn't want to inerrupt this.

Beelzebub, along with Lamia, says that it one continues from there they reach Heaven, and that it is the space between Heaven and Hell. Astaroth is shown lying down, surrounded by roses.

Pluto orders a withdrawal.

William thinks that Dabtalion should also have sent Baphomet off like this - to Sleep in Limbo and meet him again, commentiong that it's like a funeral, and asking if being unwilling topart with someone is the same for both humans and demons.

Dantalion has a hopeless expression on his face and disappears.

Elsewhere in Hell, the demons are gosipping - how shameful that Baalberith's influence is already showing signs of declining and that the powers of the Substitute Kings are rewritten. Baalberith caught Dantalion in his trap but failed to bring him down - Dantalion lost his supporter and Baalberith's faction are humiliated. The one who benefirts from this is...

Samael is listening in on the conversation and another demon remarks that the wine is sweet tonight.

Camio returns to his island home and John greets him. Camio says that everything went splendid and that he is grateful.

John says it was nothing, that he just secretly spred information he got here and there. He lived many years as court astrologer, and whether it's Hell or somewhere else the methods aren't very different - though it's only thanks to being a demon that he can pull off small tricks like bugs.

He coments that it's been a long road, but Camio can finally wear the crown. Camio chides him for being hasty, saying he'll make Maria a household member first.

They will give Lucifer, whom brought him sorrow, an ultimatum.


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