Pillar 62
Pillar 62 pluto
Kanji 第62柱
Rōmaji Dai 62-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 11
Chapter 62
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Pillar 62 (第62柱 Dai 62-hashira) is the sixty-second chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Sytry comments that Dantalion is exhausted and won't be able to take on Pluto's army alone. William says that Sytry should stop them, as it is his uncle's plan and he is the candidate - but Sytry remarks that he's merely a pawn, a puppet and can't question him.

Dantalion and the army are figting with Pluto sayimg he should surrender. Dantalion is wounded, and Baphomet says that he should abandon him, as if he desappears the powers the former gave him would return and Lucifer's weakening must be painful for him as well. Dantalion utterly refuses.

William asks Kevin to help, much to his incredulousness as he's an angel. Regardless, William persists, as he wants to eat Baphomet's sewwts even in hundreds of years. Kevin agrees, taking William and flying off.

Sytry tells to Gilles that uncle didn't call him home because he was working behind the scenes to which Gilles replies that Solomon would not fall to the bribe of candy - angering Sytry. Gilles says that more important than authority in Hell is strength and if Sytry hadn't lost his wings when he Fell eh wouldn't have become Baalberith's doll. Slyly he asks Sytry if he waants to know how to regain his powers.

Dantalion is still fighting when he is helped by Uriel - they put Baphomet and William in a barrier and continue fighting together.

Dantalion can see the Gate but is stopped by Pluto. Uriel calls him general Pluto - though the one he killed was his predecessor, and says how pitiful it is for the former Gurad of the Lost Forld, the former Ruler of the Underworld to obey the likes of Baalberith. Pluto orders an attack but Uriel easily repells them.

The demons take the chance to attack the barrier holding William and Baphomet - and Pluto sees his chance and attacks.

Baphomet protects william from the blast, but suffers a fatal injury - saying that most importantly William is safe as he starts to disappear.


Important EventsEdit


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