Pillar 58
Pillar 58 baphomet dantalion
Kanji 第58柱
Rōmaji Dai 58-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 10
Chapter 58
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Pillar 58 (第58柱 Dai 58-hashira) is the fifty-eigth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Dantalion tries and fail to break the barrier, wondering why Baphomet brought William there. Baphomet is his household member, they formed a pact - he tries to break the barrier again, and manages to see the memories Empusa us showing.

In the memory, Baphomet narrates that his lord went up in rank in no time - in the battle of Saint Bartholomew led by Dantalion, the souls of thirty thousand were sacrificed. Black Mass is the rage among humans, and commodore Satanachia can control tens of thousands of them now.

Empusa greets Baphomet, wondering if he is supposed to be Asleep, the last battle should have taken a lot out of him - but he cannot take his eyes off of Dantalion. Empusa comments that he's changed in two hundred years - he asks her to show some respect and she says that she wouldn't be caught dead working for a lowly Nephilim. But Dantalion is the only Household member of Lucifer, so it could be said that he's working for the Emperors grandson.

Baphomet narrates that he'd forgotten his instincts as a demon, and that he remembers the ambition that turn's his blood whit hot when he's by Dantalion's side. He comments that he understands His Highness (Astaroth the Second)now, and wants to witness the new era from the front row.

Her narrates that five hundred years have passed since then, and he still hasn't rested.

William, disorientated from what he'd seen, asks if Baphomet hasn't rested at all since joining Dantalion's household, and Baphomet rays that he was going start sleeping when William appeared. William asks that he not do this for his sake and go, and Baphomet intends to, but Empusa is not satisfied and goes to take more.

William tries to stop her, but is repelled - she doesn't care about Dantalion, there is only one thing she craves. He tries to get Baphomet to resist her when he hears Dantalion's voice. Dantalion and Baphomet sare the same memories and by dividing pover have the same consciousness. He tells William that Baphomet's power is draining away as they speak.

He asks who sent them to that place, and where it is, to which William replies that it was Empusa and she created another dimension - asking if Baphomet could be sent to Limbo. Dantalion cant get through, William will have to brake the barrier.

William think that he left the grimoire at home when Empusa attacks him and the connection is lost. She is about to continue with Baphomet when William raises a summoning chant to summon Camio, Sytry and Dantalion.


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