Pillar 54.5
Pillar 54.5
Kanji 第54.5柱
Rōmaji Dai 54.5-hashira
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Volume 09
Chapter 54.5
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Pillar 54.5 (第33柱 Dai 54.5-hashira) is the fifty-fourth and a half chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


William comments that demons Sleep, adding that if they all went to Sleep together, peace woul... He finds a sigil which summons Baphomet.

Baphomet would like to say to use the sigil freely, but that would not be possible from now on - he should have received the invitation where Baphomet would be his host for a special dinner this evening.

Dantalion is excluded, as they'd had an argument and he's gone off to find a new Household member - it's important he find someone to take care of him while Baphomet sleeps.

Baphomet says that Sleeping is necessary for demons, and because he has not Rested for such a long time, he'll likely rest for a hundred years. William will not live for that long, of course.

Baphomet is what is called a Pure Demon, what was called a Fallen Angel in the old days, and William concludes that his rank was higher than Dantalion's. In those days Baphomet couldn't even imagine becoming the kin of a Nephilim, and will telk the story to William as a parting gift.

Elsewhere Dantalion remembers his argument with Baphomet - saying he was reluctant to go away from William to look for a new household member, but Baphomet says he should keep looking for it. Dantalion suggests he look for his own replacement, but it's Dantalion's household and he would be the one to impart power on them, even if some risk is involved.

Dantalion says he'll just be on his own for a hundred years. Baphomet wonders if it's alright, as up till now they've engaged in frequent apocalyptic wars with Heaven and he could not afford to disperse his power on a new Household member so recklessly, but the wars will decrease now - as Michael has grown weaker and Heaven's inner circle will struggle for power.

Sytry has the advantage, and he should not delay if Camio intends to increase his household, he needs allies at this time. Especially since Astaroth will also start Sleeping. Dantalion wonders if that information was leaked, but Baphomet says it's that time in the cycle.

In the old days, there were four ways a Demon selected a household member: first - they looked for the one who's life had run out (John Dee), second - one with a desire for power (Gilles de Rais), third - one with an intense hatred and lasty - one who is fascinated with this world.

Mathers comes and Dantalion calls him late.


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