Pillar 54
Pillar 54
Kanji 第54柱
Rōmaji Dai 54-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 09
Chapter 39
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Pillar 54 (第54柱 Dai 54-hashira) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Baphomet wonders if it's time to prepare for the last dinner.

William comments one what a peaceful day it is, that the demons are behaving and Isaac likely dying on his make up exam. Sion comments that Sytry is really pretty and he wishes he could marry him and Stry replies that he is expensive - to William's exasperation.

Dantalion comes, with a gaunt face - saying that Baphomet hasn't made him any food and asks William to get pizza at Camio's house together. A feather (dart) is embedded in his hand, and Uriel threatens to throw darts at him if he doesn't let go of William. Sytry comments that he's started to show his true colours, to Sions confusion.

Dantalion goes off to eat, and William receives an invitation from Dantalion's butler.

Elsewhere, Baphomet is buying groceries when he runs into Leonard - who tries to antagonise him. Baphomet is uninterested and Leonard wonders if the rumours of him going to Sleep are true - demons who want to improve their rank have to Sleep for a long time, but Sleeping is dangerous, because they weaken. And Baphomet, who hasn't slept in four hundred years would certainly - Baphomet interrupts him, saying that he has used nothing but a knife as a weapon for a century and was able to be somewhat of a rival to him.

After he leaves, Gilles comment that it's expected of the original brigade commander, that he's not that weak. He mentions to Leonard what if Baphomet doesn't sleep, if he would to disappear from this World for good.

(Doesn't he think Duke Dantalion would be very lonely - says the ending caption)


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