Pillar 50
Pillar 50 camio william
Kanji 第50柱
Rōmaji Dai 50-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 09
Chapter 50
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Pillar 50 (第50柱 Dai 50-hashira) is the fiftieth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


On Guernsey, Camio think that William pulled away from Heaven's plan in the end, but that they're progressing slowly. John Dee, Camio's butler comes, delivering a report, and asks what he's doing - blowing glass.

Many different things have collected over a hundred and twenty years from Camio's numerous hobbies - many of them maiden's hobbies, and how many were things Maria was not pleased with.

John tells that Astaroth is gradually entering her tome of Sleep - it is ground leveling as Lamia's rank will rise firs and there are rumours that Beelzebub will remarry.

Camio narrates that high ranking angels and demons repeatedly sleep and awaken to stay strong, but Sleep timing and period gradually differs and if one does not sleep, they die.

John says that as for his Sleep and Lamia's - it will only be after they have securely guarded their territories. He tells Camio that he should distribute his great power and keep pace with Dantalion and them, how many time does he have to say that he has to increase his Family.

Camio asks if John is alright. John says that he has not explored Dantalion and Sytry's surroundings for a while, and when they go to sleep it will give Camio the advantage. Camio asks a favour of John, to make him pizza.

In Stratford, Sion is stuffed full of club invitations and complains about becoming William's fag for the senior with no excersise skill... - pissing off William. Isaac asks about the smell, and Sion says that everyone from the chinese medicine study group made him do an experiment. There many new strange clubs as usual.

William is busy writing an essay draft for the schoolarship money (and can't be bothered), borrowing a dictionary from Camio. Camio gives them leave to use the books that have been collecting for five hundred years, but says not to look under his bed.

William and Isaac are intrigued, thinking that there is no choice but to look (Isaac postulates illicit magasins). There is nothing under the bed, but William touches a sigil, that lights up nd transports him somewhere else.

It doesn't feel like Hell, and John comes to him, thinking that Camio has returned.


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