Pillar 48
Pillar 48 william
Kanji 第48柱
Rōmaji Dai 48-hashira
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Volume 08
Chapter 48
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Pillar 48 (第48柱 Dai 48-hashira) is the forty-eigth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


It's a decoy strategy. The murderer targets only women so William Must dress as a girl, and they can't put lady Bianca in danger. William walks the streets alone and, realising someone is following him, lures them to the place for the trap. Saying that Jack the Ripper fell for his trap, he blows the whistle calling for the police, but no one comes.

Bianca and Mary, as well as the police, have been put to to sleep by Camio.

William is dismayed,and the murderer attacks, William tries to show that he isn't a woman by taking the wig off, but the man isn't dissuaded. He keeps attacking, showing superhuman strength and turns into a demon - saying that they'll be resurrected.

In a nearby building, Westcott is smiling and from a roof Dantalion identifies the demon as Lamashtu - the Babylonian devourer of newborns Sytry adds. Dantalion wants to help, but Camio says that that person is waiting for the right moment.

William is still under attack, and Dantalion jumps in, but Uriel destroys the demon in one attack (to the shock of the man - Westcott). Metatron comments that Uriel has decided to fight.

William sees Kevin, recognising him as the angel from his dream. Dantalion says that it is no dream, and that this was the angel that led to his destruction.

The Ruler of the Sun, Judge of Light, the North, Mover of the Heavens, guardian of this World and one of God's Angels of Presence - the Seraphim Uriel.

The true identity of William's butler is that of a guardian of Heaven.


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