Pillar 47
Pillar 47
Kanji 第47柱
Rōmaji Dai 47-hashira
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Volume 08
Chapter 47
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Pillar 47 (第47柱 Dai 47-hashira) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Willim thinks about how h gets himself in these situations as he and the girl walk. She tells him that Mary protected her by luring away Jack the Ripper. They keep walking and see Mary on the ground, with a man standing above her about to impale her.

William runs into the man, pushing him off, Solomon's ring coming out of his shirt in the process. He is pulled away from the swing of the murderer's knife by Mary, but the chain holding the chain holding the ring is cut through - the man catches sight of the ring and is driven off.

William urges the girls and they run away. Bianca is worried about Mary, but she only tripped and fell. They thank William, explaining that they couldn't catch a carriage and were already running late to a play, in invite him to come and change his clothes (her house is in Chelsea).

Elsewhere, Uriel picks up Solomon's ring from the ground.

William thinks that Bianca is wealthy and Mary goes off to find William a change off clothes. Bianca starts crying, saying she can't help thinking what would have happened to Mary if they didn't find her. She was an only child, and Mary was her only playmate growing up.

From an early age, they used to play together, Mary never cut corners and she could never catch her. So she always saw her running away. She thinks of Mary, saying that she'll lure the murderer away and that Bianca should run off. She starts crying again, saying that she is thankful that wasn't the last time she saw her running from her. William thinks of Kevin/Uriel and comforts her.

Mary walks in then, misunderstanding the situation. Bianca sets her straight, and Mary reveals that when they played tag Bianca was the one that always caught up to her no matter what.

William is reminded of Kevin, and goes of to change. As he is changing her realises that the Ring isn't there, notifying Bianca and Mary and saying he'll go out to find it.

Bianca says that if he insists on going then she has an idea, her uncle is an assistant commissioner at Scotland yard and William is perfect for what she has in mind.

Next, William is in a carriage, wearing a dress, while Bianca and Mary gush over him.


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