Pillar 3: Exorcist and Ghost
Makai Ouji EP3 (207)
Season 1 Episode 3
Kanji 第3柱「exorcist and ghost」
Rōmaji Dai 3-hashira「exorcist and ghost」
Air Date July 21, 2013
Opening Believe My Dice
Ending A Shadow's Love Song
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Pillar 3: Exorcist and Ghost (第3柱「exorcist and ghost」, Dai 3-hashira「exorcist and ghost」) is the third episode of Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist . It first aired in Japan on July 21, 2013.


Pastor Crosby is alerted of Lucifer's candidates' competition to become the interim ruler of Hell, and sets out to exorcise them. Becoming increasingly popular with their classmates, Dantalion and Sytry continue to enjoy school life at Stradford, much to William's annoyance. William goes to the church and inquires if Crosby he could exorcise demons, although he does not reveal Dantalion's and Sytry's identities to him. Later on, William orders Dantalion to stay away from him, but is then warned by the latter that his orders will only work on Solomon's seventy-two pillars and that more demons will come after him. In addition, Dantalion asks why William cannot remember him in his past life, angering him. At night, William, Isaac, and Sytry venture into the woods to investigate a rumor of a ghost haunting their dormitory. They discovered that it is actually a low-leveled demon under Crosby's command, who lures them to the church to weaken Sytry's powers in order to kill him. Dantalion arrives and offers to save Sytry if William requests it, who refuses because he does not to rely on Dantalion. Crosby informs Dantalion that, despite William being a human, he will kill him due to his status as the Elector. Dantalion easily defeats Crosby, but is unable to deliver the finishing blow when William orders him to stop. While William decides to no longer deny the existence of demons, Crosby escapes to relay William's status to his organization, the Hand of God. The next day, the headmaster introduces Kevin as the new priest of the school.

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