Pillar 38
Pillar 38
Kanji 第38柱
Rōmaji Dai 38-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 07
Chapter 38
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Pillar 38 (第38柱 Dai 38-hashira) is the thirty-eighth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


In Heaven, Metatron is ordering snacks via mail catalogue. Sandalphon is exasperated. Metatron wants to go shopping on Earth, lamenting the fact that Michael still won't Rest. He might disappear if he keeps going like this, but much to Metatron's frustration won't rest. He probably doesn't want to let Metatron be in charge, even if he was the one who brought him to Heaven.

Metatron remembers when he first made the agreement with Michael (a vow and a curse) and wonders if Michael had only let him die as a human. Metatron has decided to go to Earth, to Sandalphon's shock, to Stratford school, and transforms himself into a young boy. He is excited to be able to do things as a human again.

In Stratford, William and Mycroft are moving to the Headmaster's dormitory (for excellent students). William is enjoying the intellectual atmosphere, free from annoyances, when he spots Dantalion and Sytry. At his wondering why they were here, Camio (a demon who's been there for hundreds of years) answers because they are demons.

William and Swallow are walking outside when an underclassman comes and offers his brooch to Swallow, asking to be his fag. The Head Boy reads the list of positions for both armies, and announces that mercenaries (Fags) can be taken on now.

William's master used to be Arthur Christian, who he says had a terrible personality. He still gets letters from him, but remembers his unreasonable demands as a master.

Getin lots of brooches improves one's score, and Isaac says he hopes William gets plenty of people asking to be his fag. William has zero letters, Dantalion has a huge stack and Sytry triple Dantalion's. The Head Boy even has some, but the rule is that he doesn't take on fags.

William grouchily wonders why no one is coming to him. William resorts to spying. Two underclassmen are talking, and one states the reason he hadn't chosen William because he is terrible at sports, arrogant and has family trouble - bankruptcy. William has suffered critical damage, stating that money is the only important thing in the world.

As he is returning to hi room, he spots a letter in the mailbox.


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