Pillar 36
Pillar 36 camio sytry dantalion william
Kanji 第36柱
Rōmaji Dai 36-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 06
Chapter 36
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Pillar 36 (第36柱 Dai 36-hashira) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Isaac is overjoyed at finding that Mathers is a Magician, and asks how. Herbal tea is linked to increase of magical power and Mathers made contracts with Fairies. William asks what he wants, for Mathers to tell him he has no right to complain, as he's ignorant and powerless. Much to William's affront.

Mathers tell of Solomon, how he overcame his humanity and was the only human who could oppose Gods and Demons. And William, who inherited his memories and has his soul, won't take his offer to give him knowledge. If he uncovers his memories, William will obtain power to oppose Demons and Angels.

William sees an opportunity to net be pushed around any longer, but still asks what is in it for Mathers. Mathers says that his agenda is the same as William's, to strengthen the Human race which has been intimidated by Heaven and Hell since time began - with power that surpassess theirs.

In Hell, Amon and Mamon relay news of William's magical training to Dantalion, who orders them to observe and wonders what "that bothersome watcher" is doing, thinking of Uriel.

In Stratford, Kevin sees William with Mathers and gulps. And Metatron, smirking, is watching from the roof.

Later, William and Isaac are practicing. Mathers has given William a Grimoire at just the right level for him, in Hebrew, but William can barely understand. Mathers calls to start and a blast, made by Isaac, barely misses William. They start a second try, and Isaac is better than William. Isaac is the winner, much to the dismay of William.

William is talking to Mycroft about what they will do to raise money. In a room with the Head Boy, William informs him that he is doing magical training. He asked Camio for herbal books, in order to drink tea to raise his magical ability. Camio agrees with William getting stronger, as no one wants to have their path decided by someone else.

He asks how Camio is going to raise funds, as he has to raise five Guineas. He's taking the essays of those answering for others at registration. William asks to buy the tea, thinking of making a tea shop selling cakes in the prefect's room. Isaac has beaten him to it. Mathers says they will have a rematch next week, and that if Isaac beats him he'll never be able to cal him an idiot again.

William is sitting in his room, when he spots the Ring of Wisdom.


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