Pillar 34
Pillar 34
Kanji 第34柱
Rōmaji Dai 34-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 06
Chapter 34
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Pillar 34 (第34柱 Dai 34-hashira) is the thirty-forth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Mathers observes that William is not surprised, and William replies that he's used to seeing strange people like him. Mathers says he's looking for work, as he quit his last job as an exorcist in the Church of England. He isnt an Angel or a Demon, so can teach him impartially.

William refuses, calling him out on pretending to be a Count. They bicker for a bit until Mathers brakes the barrier surrounding them with a flick of his fingers. Magic is neither fairness, impartiality, nor justice. It seems both Heaven and Hell were observing William, and Mathers says that William has potential to learn magic, and if he has power then neither angels nor demos will interfere with his private life. William says he'll think about it and leaves while Mathers goes to interrupt the fighters.

Gilles yells that they made Jeanne into a doll without any will and the exorcists retaliate. Gilles, while blasting away the familiars of the exorcists, says he hates the dolls of Heaven. Crosby asks if it's alright for him, who continues to defy Heaven even after his death, to be here, as the commander of the Heavenly army going to Paris is Jeanne.

Gilles laughs, saying he doesn't know what kind of story they were expecting, but he became a demon no only so he could see her but so he could cover her in blood and violate her to erase the scars Michael gave her (and make her human again). They fight again.

In Paris, Sytry has a bad feeling. The recent attacks of Heaven were planned by Michael to keep the 72 Pillars busy, but if France falls the one who will gain something... Dantalion says that a Coup is happening in Heaven, Michael hasn't Rested, Dantalion realised it when they were fighting before. Michael will hold unto his position of power until he traps his brother, it's likely more important to him than his life. They arent being made to dance by Michael or Uriel, but by someone else.

In Heaven, Metatron is saying that the next era will belong to Germany and that Michael will lose his land of believers. If only he would rest soon.

Elsewhere, a man is looking at Kevin and William, recognising the later as "young master".


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