Pillar 25
Pillar 25
Kanji 第25柱
Rōmaji Dai 25-hashira
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Volume 04
Chapter 25
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Pillar 25 (第24柱 Dai 25-hashira) is the twenty fifth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


In 1440, France, Gilles de Rais is awaiting execution. He was a companion of Jeanne d'Arc, and denies the existence of Demons, Angels and God. He is approached by Baalberith, who said both demons and God exist. Baalberith proclaims him suitable for Hell, and lists his sins. Gilles says that God didn't punish him, nor did he help Jeanne. Baalberith extends the offer to make him a member of his family, as if he dies like this he will be burned away by the flames of Purgatory, but by making a contract with him he will become a Nephilim. He will be able to meet Jeanne, who was cannonised and became one of Heaven's pawns. Baalberith introduces himself as one of the Four Kings and manager of Tartarus.

Gilles has accepted the offer, and after his hanging passes through the Gates of Hell and fight his way through the Demon World.

Gilles is in the middle of an gathering, and spots Eligos, thinking that if she, who clings to Beelzebub is here, something is serious. He goes to Baalberith, asking if something happened to His Highness, tho which Baalberith replies that there is a possibility the Lucifer may not awaken.

Demons do not live forever, but by repeatedly sleeping for a hundred years to regain their strength. Baalberith gained the title of Duke of Baal because his predecessor disappeared during his Rest, and Astaroth is the third individual to hold that title. His Highness Lucifer has been sleeping and waking recently.

Baalberith says they'll have summon the Elector, Solomon.

In Stratford William and Isaac are bickering as usual, thinking is strange that William never got the letter Isaac's parents sent him. William wonders about Kevin, and how he'd know an angel. He goes to Kevin's room, but the later isn't there, and finds the heirloom ring his father treasured.

In Astaroth's Warship in Hell, Astaroth speaks to Dantalion of the possibility of Lucifer going into a Death Sleep, and the substitute to becoming the actual King, the Second Lucifer. She says that Heaven is using the confusion in Hell to make it's move, and that it's unexpected that an angel as important as Uriel is observing. It may be best to bring William to Hell, as religious exultation may be forced on him, and he'd lose his personality and become a pawn of Heaven.


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