Pillar 24
Pillar 24 demons
Kanji 第24柱
Rōmaji Dai 24-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 04
Chapter 24
Release date N/A
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Pillar 24 (第24柱 Dai 24-hashira) is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


In the middle of lunch, Dantalion is complaining about the craptastic food, prompting and irritated William to tell him he should just go back to the Demon World then. He happily invites William to come, but is shot down, though Isaac is overjoyed.

Elsewhere, a man is in the middle of shopping for food, when he is interrupted by Leonard. He antagonises Baphomet, as it's confirmed, and challenges him. The are having a cook off, with the Four Demon Kings as judges, prompting Baphomet to shockingly wonder on how much free time they have. Astaroth wants to eat some good food, Baalberith thinks human would would taste like crap, Beelzebub asks Baalberith not to make fun of crap and Samael is nauseous.

Lamia explains the rules, and the two start cooking, while Gilles giver running commentary. An hour later, the judges are very pleased with the results, and give full points to both.

Baphomet has gotten an additional ten points, by Sytry, who is enjoying the desert. Leonard is crushed, wondering why he hasn't called the winner when he went as far away as China to learn, only to get the answer he should have gone to France.

Dantalion returns Home all happy, hoping to get Baphomet's cooking, to find him asleep, with a sign saying "closed today".



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