Pillar 22
Pillar 22 william
Kanji 第22柱
Rōmaji Dai 22-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 04
Chapter 22
Release date N/A
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Pillar 22 (第1柱 Dai 22-hashira) is the twenty-second chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Ayoung Sytry is playing in a flower field with another angel, when the scene transforms and he is falling and Baalberith is there holding him like a little doll.

William is in the punishment room, panicking, and Isaac and Camio come to visit him. Isaac says he'll get help from Archangel Michael who reigns over truth to prove his innocence. Right in front of Camio, a demon. Isaac leaves, and William is amazed that the Head Boy believes he didn't cheat, asking him to do something for him.

William is reading, when Elliot comes Knocking on the door, saying he'll help him, as he knows who did it, but on one condition. He asks William what fate he desired, to which William gives his customary answer, annoying him. If Kevin and the Head Boy were dangling from a cliff, which would he save, would he choose Heaven of Hell.

Kevin comes, saving William from answering and saying to Elliot that it is forbidden for students to go near the Punishment room. Elliot is displeased, daunting Kevin, but acquiesces and leaves.

In the Church, the trial for William's punishment is commencing. Kevin is worried and Isaac is determined to help William, while the Later is confident. He declines to have cheated, claiming he is innocent. He is then asked if he chooses Heaven of Hell, but due to Isaac's interfearence the man is broken from his stupor and goes on normally. Michael then has enough and traps both Isaac and William in a barrier.

William is angry with Isaac, when they see Elliot, but Elliot wasn't the one who framed him. He is walking up to Isaac and William when he is intercepted by Sytry. Elliot reveals that he is an angle, and draws a sword - which Isaac recognises as the Golden Sword (The Unsheathed Sword), thus identifying Elliot as the Seraph Michael.

William hilariously misunderstands, and is later stopped in hei denial of the existence of angels by Michael, who hoists him in the air by his throat. Michael states his intention of summoning William to Heaven, by killing him. Isaac wants to help, but is unable, and Sytry says he cannot as their ranks are different, even though Michael has only possessed Elliot.

Michael mentions that he might take Sytry as well, as he didn't fall of his own volition. He states that he is the representative permitted to judge everything in God's name, he annihilates both demon and humans - while about to pierce William with his sword.



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