Pillar 21
Pillar 21 michael
Kanji 第21柱
Rōmaji Dai 21-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 04
Chapter 21
Release date N/A
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Pillar 21 (第1柱 Dai 21-hashira) is the twenty-first chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Kevin is praying when an angel appears, asking why he hasn't killed Solomon yet, could he have become attached. He says that is the Damon World gets Solomon's soul, he really will make Kevin into a fallen angel, instead of only taking on wing. If Kevin can't do it, then Michael will do as he wishes, since neither demons nor the elector are his enemy, but Lucifer.

Michael blasts Kevin away, as a mere one winged angel should not call his name so casually, and goes on to say that he only came to take a look and shall decide what to do after he sees William.

Isaac is in tears, as he's failing the exams and William is cold, dreaming of his successful future. Isaac mentions that he might not be at the top this time, as Elliot Eden (William has no idea who he is) is close to him.

Elliot approaches William, throwing down the gauntlet in saying he's aiming for the top spot. William is fired up, relentlessly studying and terrifying both isaac and Swallow with his bad mood. He goes to the library, only to run into Elliot as there are no free seats. Elliot is amused, saying he hadn't expected to concern him that much. He wanted to get William's attention.

Kevin, who is passing by, is uneasy.

William and Elliot talk, and William discovers that Elliot's goals are like his own, and Elliot says they would be good friends. Elliot isn't afraid to make sacrifices to achieve his goals, asking if William is the same, what his most important thing is. William thinks of his close people, then Dantalion in the middle of his rage, and shivers.

Elliot makes an example of the story of Noah's ark, and says it might be too late by the time one realises what's important.

The test's are over, and Elliot got an excellent score, while William got and A-, his grades having gone down. Dantalion stops William in a hallway, asking who that person he's with is and saying that, though undeniably human, he possesses too much light. William is annoyed, rebuffing him and outside, Elliot smiles.

Back in class there is an uproar, as there is writing on William's desk and he is sent to the punishment room for cheating.



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