Pillar 20
Pillar 20
Kanji 第20柱
Rōmaji Dai 20-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 04
Chapter 20
Release date N/A
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Pillar 20 (第1柱 Dai 20-hashira) is the twentieth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Demons are attacking, and William concludes it a dream, when Sytry saves both him and Isaac. Sytry tells William to order him to protect him, asking if he doesn't remember his seal. William thinks he doesn't, as he isn't Solomon.

Demons are attacking, and manage to blast Sytry away, but William is protected by Dantalion and Baphomet. Dantalion yells that he told him something bad would happen, and William concludes that the demons came to kill him.

Dantalion goes serous, frightening William who is pulled away by Baphomet, and seemingly effortlessly keeps dispatching his opponents. Sytry wonders at Dantalion's immense strength, thinking with envy that he might even be stronger than the Four Demon Kings

In Hell Baalberith mentions that on the day of the Great Sabbat the boundary between Earth and Hell is less distinct. He goes on with mentioning that demons are going to great Solomon, or rather kill him.

On Earth, a barrier appears, catching Dantalion and sealing his power. He is attacked by demons and releases a lot of power. William tries to stop Dantalion from causing too much damage, but the latzer can't hear him as he is too far gone. William wonders in shock and fear is that it really Dantalion.

And image of Dantalion strangling Solomon and dangling him is shown.

The barrier is broken, revealing that Kevin was the one casting it, and Camio interrupts the fight. The demons are afraid of him and back down. Camio is the child of Lucifer, and demons wouldn't betray his blood.

William is unnerved by Dantalion.

Next day, Swallow informs William that the leading actor is ill and William has to step in to play the part. In the middle of the play, Sytry pushes him to the floor and says to choose him, much to the audience's joy.

Samael is seen leaving, having impersonated a woman to see William, mentioning that they have to make sure Dantalion doesn't kill him this time.



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