Pillar 19
Pillar 19
Kanji 第19柱
Rōmaji Dai 19-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 04
Chapter 19
Release date N/A
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Pillar 19 (第1柱 Dai 19-hashira) is the nineteenth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Proposing Camio as a candidate has caused incredulousness due to his lineage.

An overview of who is who is given.

Baalberith greets Astaroth, and it's evident that they don't get along. Baalberith then goes to announce that a guest is missing, talking about Solomon, much to the malcontent of the demons gathered. Sytry tries to stop him, but the damage is done and there is uproar.

On the balcony, Dantalion reminisces. Dantalion is cleaning, much to his ire, when there is a collapse behind him and he turns to see Solomon buried under books. Dantalion wonders at how a recluse like Solomon managed to be the world's wisest man, and is displeased to be treated like a servant. Solomon replies that he is fine as he is, and Dantalion is concerned that he'll be killed someday by his father. Solomon says that one day he'll grant his wish, and kill him.

Dantalion snaps out of his daze, and Amon warns him that William is in danger.

Back in Stratford, Kevins senses something ominous. Isaac is teasing William about being worried over the demons, when they see something outside and run out. There is a swarm of demons in the sky.



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