Pillar 18.5
Pillar 18.5
Kanji 第18.5柱
Rōmaji Dai 18.5-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 03
Chapter 18.5
Release date N/A
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Pillar 18.5 (第1柱 Dai 18.5-hashira) is a bonus chapter in the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


It contains Isaac's Undercover Section on:

And bonus strips:

Strip 1: William sighs and Dantalion and Isaac wonder that he's been sighing a lot recently, and if he's in love. To which Sytry asks is love affects human lungs. Much to the shock of the other two.
Strip 2: Dantalion wonders is Sytry doesn't know what love is and Sytry rebuffs that he's a demon that controls desire. Dantalion asks who his first love is and Sytry is panicking, to Dantalion's amusement.
Strip 3: Sytry says that what anyone says about love doesn't matter a they're all the same when they see a woman's naked body. He asks William who it is, getting the dreamy reply of Head Boy, only to fall into despair as a man is impossible.
Strip 4: Dantalion says that demons are no good, that he doesn't care if it's anyone but a demon, much to William's confusion. When asked about the person he likes, William passionately states that the only things he loves are money, power and honour.
Strip 5: Dantalion points out that he mentioned the Head Boy, to which William replies if the aforementioned used demonic powers or his own abilities to become the Head Boy, but it would be impolite to ask. Dantalion looks like he sucked a lemon, remarking that he always amazes him.



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