Pillar 18
Pillar 18
Kanji 第18柱
Rōmaji Dai 18-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 03
Chapter 18
Release date N/A
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Pillar 16 Pillar 18.5

Pillar 18 (第1柱 Dai 18-hashira) is the eighteenth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Camio and Beelzebub are attending an Opera, and the later asks if it'll be alright now that the former has revealed his identity. Camio has changed his mind and now he is interested in the oath he once made to Solomon

In Stratford it's the time for plays, Isaac doesn't like that the plays this year are of Shakespeare, and he and William get into one of their usual "supernatural" squabbles. Dantalion interrupts them, dressed as a king - he is playing Claudius. Sytry appears as well, dressed as a maiden, and William is nearly at the end of his rope. He stomps off to find an essay that proves them as electrical discharge phenomena. William runs into Kevin, who asks him for a favor.

Elsewhere, Dantalion runs into Gilles, much to his disgust. He's come to fetch Sytry for Valborgs/Valpurgis Night celebration and tells Dantalion that a third Candidate for Substitute King has appeared.

Back with William and Kevin, William is professing his love to later. Only to abruptly stop as he was reciting lines from Hamlet. William is the director. William asks why Kevin had him come to the Church, and Kevin replies it's for the sake of his gambling. William is not pleased.

William is in the Church for his protection as that night is the night of Vaborgs, or The Great Sabbat.

Dantalion is attending the party, where Lamia is gushing over him and he meets up with Astaroth.

Elsewhere, Sytry and another demon are speaking about the Elector and he calls Sytry his lovely doll. A demon with the head of a ram approaches him and informs Sytry that William is watched and under a barrier.

In Stratford, Mycroft hands William Dantalion and Sytry's absence slips, and William praises God for doing his work.

More demons are coming to the party, such as Samael, and Sytry (who asks Astartoh on the whereabouts of Dantalion), Beelzebub has come as well. And with him, is Camio.


Centerfold:CamioBaphometAstarothKevin Cecil (Uriel)William TwiningDantalionLamiaSytryGilles de Rais


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