Pillar 15
Kanji 第15柱
Rōmaji Dai 15-hashira
Chapter Information
Volume 03
Chapter 15
Release date N/A
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Pillar 15 (第15柱 Dai 15-hashira) is the fifteenth chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


The chapters opens up with a page showing Mycroft's family and his fathers miracle recovery.

Adrian Swallow commands that the interloper show themselves and Elizabeth comes out, seemingly afraid, saying she was looking for Dantalion. The shadows of the politicians loom and the Baron is about to attack Elizabeth (who faints), but is stopped by William. William catches Elizabeth as she falls, berating himself for jumping out, and realises that the men are possessed by demons who recognise him. Baron Swallow is about to attack William, but is stopped by Dantalion who indentifies the demon possessing the baron as Eligos.

William is angry, calling the demon another of Dantalion's aquaintances, to which he shoots back that he (William) really doesn't know. William wonders if Eligos is one of Solomon's Pillars.

Eligos introduces herself and tries to capture William for the one she loves, but is stopped by William's command.

Sytry and Mycroft enter the room, the later wondering what was going on. Eligos decides to cut her losses and take Mycroft's soul. Dantalion and Sytry cannot interfere, as is the rule of Hell, but William tries anyway. It is revealed that Adrian Swallow should have died in a carriage accident, and has bartered with the demon in return for Mycroft's soul.

Dantalion offers to help, in return for William choosing him as the substitute king, William is conflicted. In that moment exorcists come to exorcise Eligos, and William warns Mycroft from helping what he perceives as his father. Eligos flees.

An exorcist, who is indentified as the butler from earlier, informs Swallow that his father's body is gone and Mycroft sorrowfully says goodbye.

In another place, the butler is identified as Raguel, saying it was the work of Beelzebub. He tells an angel, Uriel, that he should not be in a place like this. Understanding, Uriel replies that he should not feel responsibility, and that he won't hand over Solomon's soul to the demons.

Back at Stratford William is reading that the reinforcements plan was not approved when Swallow approaches him. He is relieved that the plan was not passed, and that none of his family were excommunicated - a necessity for being a politician. He and William "bicker" about who's going to be head boy.

Later, William approaches Kevin, and finds out that the previous coldness and avoidance was a misunderstanding caused by Kevin's gambling.


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