Pillar 10.6
Pillar 10.6
Kanji 第10.6柱
Rōmaji Dai 10.6-hashira
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Volume 02
Chapter 10.6
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Pillar 10.6 (第6柱 Dai 10.6-hashira) is a chapter of the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


Reverend Crosby has exorcised a demon, stating it to be the third this month and commenting how there was a bad presence around the school lately. He gets a message from headquarters, learning about the election, and vows to destroy the evil ones.

William goes to mass, the demons aren't there, and wonders what would happen if he told a priest.

William reads about Solomon, when he ruled and how, upon marrying the daughter of a pharaoh and bestowing a sacrifice to god, Solomon was granted wisdom by the joyful God. William thinks it ridiculous, not hearing about any of his ancestors being jews.

He remembers his uncle Barton, how the man had an interest in the recent excavations (Urartu believed to be Ararat) and was an archeologist.

They are eating and Dantalion and Isaac complain about the food, for which Swallow berates them. William wonders about Dantalion, and the later looks like ha wants to say something, but refrains and leaves.

Swallow says that Reverend Crosby asked William to be the guide for the individual faith, which William forgot about. William wonders if the demons have been found out.

William seems worried about Dantalion and Sytry, wondering why they act so carefree when he sees them. Sytry senses something amiss.

William decides to skip rowing practice and go to the Church to nap, there he sees the representative (headboy) Nathan Cackstone (or Caxton).

He runs into Reverend Crosby, and asky is the church can exorcise evils spirits, and gets a reply that they exist and that the church protects young people like him from them.

Crosby the asks William to tell him about his worries, so he can help.


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