Pillar 10.5
Rōmaji Dai 10.5-Hashira
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Volume 02
Chapter 10.5
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There will be spoilers from this point on in this article. Read at your own risk!

Chapter 10.5 (第10.5柱 Dai 10.5-hashira) is a bonus chapter in the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga.


The chapter contains previews on the next volume and Isaac's Undercover Section on:

As well as bonus strips:

Strip 1: Astaroth asks inf Baphomet's sending food to the Human World again and calls him a food maker. Baphomet, face twitching, praises her for the joke.

Strip 2: Gilles praises Baphomet on being a hard worker, for baking another cake, and starts calling him a food maker. Baphomet squirts glazing in his face and cuts him off. Gilles is pissed and attacks.


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