Metatron Edit

Metatron and Michael's relationship has different viewpoints. Metatron sees Micheal as a friend and always plays around with him. Michael sees Metatron as bother and interfirerence in his work. However, the relationship also has some positive sides as Micheal is seen being nicer to Metatron before he was an angel and Metatron is worried about Michael fading away.

Jeanne d'Arc Edit

Michael sees Jeanne as a valuable soldier and seems to care about her well being to an extent. Jeanne is only loyal to Michael.

Gilles de Rais Edit

Michael has never met Gilles. However, Gilles hates all heavenly beings for Jeanne's ecstasy.

William Twining Edit

Michael is only interested in converting William into being one of Heaven's pawns because he is the reincarnation of Solomon. William sees Michael as a threat and an enemy.

Kevin Cecil (Uriel) Edit

Michael constantly abuses Uriel for any mistake that he makes. Michael is also the one responsible for Uriel having only one wing. Despite these, Uriel remains loyal to the chief seraph. It was proven when Metatron attempted to get the former angel of presence to his side, but ultimately failed.