Maria Mollins (マリア・モリンズ Maria Morinzu) is the former dormitory mother of Stratford and the lover of Camio. Maria killed herself so she won't be targeted by Heaven and finally become a Nephilim. She is going to marry Camio and will become Empress of Hell.[2]


In the anime, Maria is shown having brown hair pulled back. She is always seen with a stern look on her face. When she was younger, she lets her long hair down more often.


Maria was considered to be a strict but caring woman with the students. During the time where the elector must choose a substitute king, Maria is reunited with Camio and left the school due to lung problems, but Camio visits her frequently.

Quotes Edit

  • (to Jeanne d'Arc) "O, angel, those are words of the Bible. You can no longer speak with your own words, can you? It's because you are a puppet of Heaven who has lost your human heart. Do you know who I am? I'm not a saint, nor a hero, nor a scholar. Just a mere mortal hanging on to life. But this soul has weight too. Like what you had before—that weight, Jeanne d'Arc!"[3]
  • (to John Dee) "Thank you, John. It was fun with the three of us together."[4]
  • (to Heaven's Army) "If you're fine with a blood-stained corpse, then take it! I'm leaving my heart here!"[5]


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