Maria Mollins is the former dormitory mother of Stradford School and the lover of Camio.


In the anime, Maria is shown having brown hair pulled back. She is always seen with a stern look on her face.

When she was younger, she lets her long hair down more often.


Maria was considered to be a strict but caring woman with students.

During the time where the elector must choose a substitute king, Maria is reunited with Camio and left the school due to lung problems, but Camio visits her frequently.

Quotes Edit

  • (to Jeanne d'Arc) "O, angel, those are words of the Bible. You can no longer speak with your own words, can you? It's because you are a puppet of Heaven who has lost your human heart. Do you know who I am? I'm not a saint, nor a hero, nor a scholar. Just a mere mortal hanging on to life. But this soul has weight too. Like what you had before—that weight, Jeanne d'Arc!"[1]
  • (to John Dee) "Thank you, John. It was fun with the three of us together."[2]
  • (to Heaven's Army) "If you're fine with a blood-stained corpse, then take it! I'm leaving my heart here!"[3]


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