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Biographical Information
Kanji ルシファー
Rōmaji Lucifer
Also known as Emperor of Hell
Age unknown
Status Alive (sleeping);

Awake as of Pillar 29

Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Demon (Fallen Angel)
Gender Male
Height  ?
Weight  ?
Blood Type  ?
Eye Color  ?
Hair Color  ?
Professional Status
Occupation Emperor and current ruler of Hell
Affiliation Hell
Personal Status
Relatives Camio (son),

Michael (twin brother), Dantalion (household member who he, himself, brought to Hell)

Hobbies Play Chess
Favorite Food Apples
Manga Pillar 29

Pillar 7 (memory/flashback)

Voice Actors

Lucifer is the Emperor of Hell and a Fallen Angel. Before his defeat by Michael, he was Chief of the Seraphim and the Closest to God.[1]


It is currently unknown what Lucifer's face looks like, since the most of his body is covered in his wings' feathers. However, he has six wings, and seems to wear shoes with rather high heels.
He's said to have been a Seraph.


He seems to be quite a confident individual, and perhaps a little lonely or wistful (as he remarks that neither then nor now, Solomon didn't stay by his side[2]). He has instances where he's quite blunt, appearing very arrogant, and doesn't soften his words. He's so far been portrayed as being rather sly and uncaring.


At some point in time Lucifer seems to have rebelled against God and fought his brother Michael.[3] He lost that battle and was cast to Hell by his brother. However, Dantalion remarks that Michael is a traitor that decieved Lucifer.[4]
He met Solomon and made a contact (or treaty) with him, allowing the latter to elect a substitute ruler of Hell in his stead. The nature of this contract/treaty (and subsequently, all other contracts Solomon made with other demons) is that is passed down to the closest living descendant of Solomon (or, in the case of William, to the reincarnation of Solomon himself, when they appear).[5]


  • (to Solomon) "I'm going to begin my rest now. We'll meet again in 100 years."[6]
  • "But Solomon's soul isn't here, even now, even long ago... that man didn't stay by my side."[7]
  • "Hehe... These things called households are truly troublesome."[8]
  • "The wane of power, being on the edge of Slumber, is like the leaves swaying on a strong rooted tree."[9]


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