Lamia (ラミア amia) is a demon of the 77th rank in the demonic hierarchy, with the court rank of a princess, as well as the daughter of Astaroth and Beelzebub. She claims herself to be the fiancé of Dantalion.

As of Astaroth's Sleep, and as a member of her Household, she is in charge of her mother's territory and armies.


Lamia has an appearance of a very young child. However, she's older than she appears, though her exact age has yet to be revealed. Lamia wears Gothic Lolita clothes, which are composed of a red ruffled dress, a violet bow tied around her neck, black stockings and black Mary Janes. On her head, she wears a headband that resembles earmuffs, and a black hat with two pink flowers on it.

Lamia has light red hair, and matching red eyes.


Lamia is a very excitable person and easily annoyed. She has a sly streak, despite her appearance, and is very strong. She is very forward, and has confessed her love to Dantalion and be his fiancé (when she was an actual child), and has the tendency to cry when he scolds her. She also gets into and picks fights over Dantalion's love.


Lamia is the daughter born from Astaroth and Beelzebub's marriage. After some time, the two split apart from each other for unknown reasons though on bad terms. Lamia went to her mother, and dislikes her father as much as her mother.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit


A beautiful queen who was the daughter of an Egyptian king. However, the god Zeus fell in love with her at first sight and they became lovers. This angered Zeus' wife Hera into killing Lamia's children. Driven by her sorrow, Lamia became a monster.[1]


Her upper body is that of a beautiful woman, but her lower body is that of a snake. Because of the sorrow she felt at having her children taken from her, she plays a whistle with a beautiful melody whilst greedily devouring children.[1]

Isaac: Eh?! Ahhh! This is terrible! I'm going to be eaten!

Lamia: What? For your information, I'm a really picky eater! Look in a mirror!

Lamia: Ah... S... Sorry...


  • Although she is known to devour children, she claims to be a very picky eater.[1]