Kevin Cecil (ケヴィン・セシル Kevin Seshiru) is William's butler of many years. However, at some point in time, Uriel the Archangel of Repentance and Cruelty, took over the identity of Kevin Cecil in William's life in order to be close to him, the inheritor of Solomon's soul.

Uriel took on the position of the school priest at William's school to make sure the demons don't get to him. However, he has grown to respect some of the demons and allows them to get near William, with the exception of Dantalion.


Kevin is a youthful-looking man, seeming to be in his mid-to-late 20s. He has chin-length, brown-purple hair that frames his face, with a slight widow's peak. He has pale skin and violet-colored eyes.

His attire consists of a formal dinner jacket with a lengthy tail-coat, and folded-over, white collar flaps, matching his shirt cuffs and gloves; overall it has the appearance of a standard butler's uniform worn in nineteenth century England. The cuffs look almost like bracers, and easily stretch over half of his forearm. Against his striped dress-shirt, he wears a clean, raven tie, neatly pressed underneath the collar. He also wears a snug pair of grey pants with two, symmetrical creases in the middle of each leg.

When acting as the school pastor, Kevin wears clerical clothing typical of the profession; a black cassock with white cuffs beneath a white ferraiolo. He also has a long white mantle.

As an angel, his attire varies depending on his activities. In more relaxed situations, he wears a simple white suit with a black collar. When he needs to be in a offensive / attacking position (as when he punishes Solomon), he wears a tight-fitting, long-sleeved jacket with a cape-like trail that overlaps the dark skirts he wears underneath. The outfit alternates in dark and light colours, is coupled with a belt, and the skirts' pattern features white bands around the bottom. In his angel form, Uriel has only his right wing.


In a flashback, he is shown to be apathetic and self-righteous, and very set in his ways whilst smiting down Solomon. He seems almost hysterical in expressionism when Solomon questions his ideals and causes him to face the truth of his job.


Though Kevin seems to avoid showing much of his ability on the campus of Stratford academy, he is one of the most powerful angels in Heaven and the head of the Hand of God organisation within the Anglican Curch. As an Archangel he possesses extraordinary exorcising power, more than any human exorcist, as it was shown that Kevin’s barrier, which was placed on William’s back, can surround Dantalion and suppressed him until he unleashed his full power and went berserk.

Kevin’s wings would come out if he attempts to show much of his power.


  • It is revealed that Kevin Cecil is in fact an entirely different person. The real Kevin was the child of the House steward of the Twining Family, and William's playmate when he was a child, who is now a lawyer living in England. Uriel took his place when William was young, and assumed his identity as the new Kevin Cecil.
  • After William discovered his true identity, Uriel is not afraid to show his hidden side in front of him which led to Sytry to refer to him as a "sadistic angel" and "corrupted priest".

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Uriel isaac's undecover section

One of the four Archangels, he serves both as a Seraph and a Cherub.

He is also called "Fire of God”, and his role is servely torturing and punishing sinners.

On Judgment Day, his role is to break the bars of Hell’s gate, throw it to earth, and arrange all souls before the judgment seat. Among the four Archangels, he is the most ruthless angel.


An angel that gives inspiration and wisdom to humans. He carries a scroll which the history of mankind is inscribed. Depicted as a Cherub that carries a flaming sword and guards the Garden of Eden.

…In other words, the Sadist☆ Angel

Uriel: Divine punish♥ Divine Punish♥

Isaac: Ah, it isn’t like it’s possible, I don’t think that or say that, I absoluteluty don’t say that but, look that, I mean being punished by a angel, that would be super rare, wouldn’t it? Hey, William!

arrow(for Isaac):Is a masochist

William: Somebody call the cops.

Uriel: There are many like him.[1]


  • (to William) "Do you want strength? Do you really want strength that will surpass that of the demons?"[2]
  • (to William) "Young Master... I am not kind at all."[3]
  • (to Solomon) "Why don't you kill the demons? Why? Sealing the Pillars and commanding them was such a weak thing to do. I'm sure you were told to destroy them. Have you forgotten who gave you that power? This is blasphemy against God. Don't be arrogant, Solomon. You are a mere human."[4]
  • (to Solomon about humans) "It certainly is mysterious. They sin, knowing that they will suffer. Just like you, they commit ridiculous sins."[5]
  • "Human souls are like a blank book. They are unable to fill all the pages in a single lifetime, so they fill them up by living multiple lives. So, if someone isn't trapped by the concept of time, they can easily see the previous lives, like a book."[6]
  • "Once, I had several wings. I was an archangel, and was known as one of the Angels of Presence along with Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. I was called the 'Angel of Repentance'."[7]
  • (to William Twining) "After Solomon's death, I hid the Ring and searched for a successor. Until finally, I found you."[8]
  • (to William Twining) "Happy birthday, to someone special. Please, let me stay by your side, from now on."[9]
  • (to Dantalion) "Shall I burn you until there's nothing but bones left, you noisy piece of trash?"[10]
  • (to Dantalion about William Twining) "I can't protect him if I don't stay by his side. I can't leave him to morons like you."[11]
  • (summoning the wormwood rain) "A third of the Earth, a third of the trees, setting fire to all the green grass. Pour, medicine of stars!"[12]


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