Kevin Cecil (ケヴィン・セシル Kevin Seshiru) is the son of a family that has long been loyal to the Twining noble family. He used to watch over William while he was still a child.


Kevin is a youthful-looking man, seeming to be in his mid to late 20s. He has chin-length hair that is slicked back and very well maintained. His skin is pale and has visibly no blemishes. The manga hasn't revealed his color scheme, however, seeing as William isn't at first aware that Kevin/Uriel and the real Kevin Cecil aren't the same person,[1] we can likely safely assume that his colouring is identical to the former.


Kevin is a kind and calm individual, very polite, with a gentle demenaour and rather indulgent personality.


He was William's playmate when he was still young (before William went to Stratford) and used to watch over him. He started going to Manchester collage around the time William's parents died.

His mother is the daughter of a reverend and his father the oldest son of the Cecil family, he had one older brother who passed away during the war, and he graduated from Manchester University and began working at a lawyer's office in London. He became acquainted with philanthropist Thomas Brando and is currently working as a lawyer and a priest at a Barnardo Home in Glouchester. When the father of Kevin, the house steward during William's parents time passed away, Kevin was still at University.[2]

The last time William and Kevin saw each other (before the current manga time) was just before William and his parents went to Ascot (the trip where the latter two lose their lives) - he could not go with them as he needed to return to school. It was not long after that Uriel switched places with him.

He finished law school and became a lawyer. He's currently helping an orphanage.[3]


  • Wiliam used to give him all sort of things to eat as a child, such as caterpillars and rocks.[4]
  • Unlike his angelic counterpart, Kevin abhors gambling of any kind.[5]


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