In the Manga, he turned out to be the demon, Lamashtu, that was (presumably) under the control of William Wynn Westcott.[1]

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Jack the Ripper Isaac's Undercover section
“Jack the Ripper

The common name for the macabre serial killer whose case is still unsolved.

He used brutal methods, he cut the throat and genitals, and exposed the guts. His targets were all prostitues. Of the number of victims there are five that is clearly determined. Due to him accurately removed organs like womb, it’s guessed that Jack was someone with knowledge about anatomy.


Chalk graffiti about the jews was found at one crime scene. Two letter of responsibility were sent to the newspaper company, one of the letters were sealed with a kidney thought to belong to one of the victims.

This is said to be the pioneer of theater-like crimes.

Isaac: According to the famous mystery writer, Conan Doyle, it’s also possible the murderer was a crossdressing man…

Dantalion: You look pretty good in those, don’t you? Don’t you think I look good too?

William: Stop staring! And why are you also dressed in women clothes!?

Sytry: I am the one who look best!!

Isaac: Could it be!? I mean, aren’t there a lot of crossdressing men in this manga!?

William: Huh?” [2]


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