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Isaac Morton

Isaac upset


Biographical Information
Kanji アイザック・モートン
Rōmaji Aizakku Mōton
Also known as Isaac
Birthday Unknown
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Ethnicity English
Gender Male
Height 163 cm
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Reddish Orange
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Hobbies Studying the occult
Favorite Food Berry tart
Manga Pillar 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Motoki Takagi

Isaac Morton is William's friend from school. He loves supernatural phenomena. Although William achieves astounding grades, Isaac has none such luck and even gets held back a year (in the lower fifth grade). [1]


Isaac is of short stature with striking, crimson hair and bright, red eyes to match. One of his most remarkable features are his incredibly thick eyebrows. He wears the typical school uniform and is often spotted carrying a book.


Isaac is a rather easy-going person, hanging about William peacefully despite their conflicting beliefs in regards to the supernatural. Isaac even goes as far as to admire William, speaking bits of praise here and there. He is also willing to assist William's financial situation, offering him a part-time job upon his estate one break. Isaac is also extremely trustworthy, having kept quiet about his friend's demon situation as well (though will pester the Candidates from time to time due to his fascination about the paranormal). Isaac is also an exceedingly important friend to William (demonstrated when Michael inquired as to what William felt was most important to him [2]).



Isaac comes from a family of merchants, his father having made a fortune off of spices and tea from India towards England. [3] Despite his lack of academic achievements, he excels in the darker arts and is skilled at summoning. So skilled he managed to defeat William in a practice battle at Samuel Liddell Mathers' behest. [4]


  • Isaac could be considered an unintentional antagonist, as he causes many problems.



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