Isaac's Undercover Section is a bonus series featured in the Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist manga. It features biographies of several demons, angels and historical figures, which are read by Isaac Morton. Most interviews end with Isaac getting insulted.

Character BiographiesEdit


The 29th of Solomon's 72 pillars. A duke who commands 40 armies of hell and also guards treasure.

Special Characteristics: Holds a snake in his right hand and rides on a creature from hell that resembles a dragon. Has very bad breath. One of the four great demons under the command of Lucifer. He was originally a goddess, but descended to the level of a demon at some point of history. He is knowledgeable about many subjects, including the past and future. It is said that he can you secret knowledge. He is also said to be a demon ruled by laziness.[1]


A beautiful queen who was the daughter of an Egyptian king. However, the god Zeus fell in love with her at first sight and they became lovers. This angered Zeus' wife Hera into killing Lamia's children. Driven by her sorrow, Lamia became a monster.

Special Characteristics: Her upper body is that of a beautiful woman, but her lower body is that of a snake. Because of the sorrow she felt at having her children taken from her, she plays a whistle with a beautiful melody whilst greedily devouring children.[1]