The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the "personal Knights of God".
"That are said to appear when it's the end of the World and have caused many events - floods, the spread of typhus, wars - that are carved into the books of history".[2]


Their appearances haven't been shown, however they all wear hoods.
One rides a white horse and holds a bow.
One rides a darker horse with (seemingly) spikes for mane, and holds a scale.
One rides a horse which is on fire (literally) and holds a double-edged sword.
One rides a horse that looks like it's decomposing (skull for head, and the muscles of the neck are visible as there is barely any skin, and the little there is is flaying off) and carries a scythe.



They have caused many events throughout history.
They have recently started to move, and as a result Earth's lands will be soaked in blood and war will envelop the whole of the Human World. [3]


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