Vital statistics
Location Separate Dimension
Inhabitants Demons

Hell is a separate dimension connected to Earth, and the home of Demons. Uriel calls it a "foreign land that Heaven turns a blind eye to". The term Hell is also used when referring to the entirety of demonkind.


To raise one's rank (and gain territory) a demon must defeat another who has the title, thus obtaining the title and rank of the demon that died. [1]


The absolute ruler of Hell (and Purgatory) is the Emperor, Lucifer.

Substitute KingEdit

The Substitute King is an individual, chose by the Electors of the Demon World (and the human Elector, who was Solomon, and after his death his closest descendants, who were given the right to choose in Lucifer's stead.)


There are Seven Demon Kings employed by the Emperor, among which there is an even narrower circle of Four Demon Kings. Of the Four Kings there are: Astaroth, the Southern Grand Duchess, Baalberith, the Western Grand Duke, Beelzebub the Northern Grand Duke and Samael, the Eastern Grand Duke.

Gilgamesh is Called the King of the Underworld.


Also forty Demon Dukes and twenty eight Marquises.[2] There are several factions centered around the Emperor Lucifer which are competing over the right to represent the Emperor.[3] Demons raise their rank by announcing themselves and killing (and/or taking the soul) of a greater demon.[4]


Hell is governed much the same way to Earth. It has ministers, nobles, officials.

The Minister of Hell's Navy is Leviathan.[5] The minister of Hell's Armies is Behemoth[6]. Astaroth, along with the titles of King and Duchess, is also Generalissimo. Samael is the Eastern Grand Duke, one of the Four Kings, Imperial Minister, and Court Chancellor. Lucifel Rofocale is the Great Finance Official[7]. Baalberith is the Treasurer.


Limbo is the place demons go to to Sleep or Rest. It is on the middle way between Heaven and Hell, the boundary between the Human World and hell and lying outside the Gates of the World. It is a place to Sleep based on status, and neither demons nor angels are prohibited.[8]

Beelzebub once mentioned that if one heads straight past Limbo, they will end up in Heaven.[9] The warden of Eastern Limbo is Samael.


Hell has cities, and is divided into levels. The great demons also have territories they acquire, defend and manage. The more territory a demon possesses, the greater their standing.

To move upwards through levely, newcomers must defeat the demon that guards each level.[10]

Gates of HellEdit

The barred entrance by which one enters Hell.


Located before Hell itself, it is part of Hell's territory. Baalberith mentioned that souls that have committed great sins will be burned away by the flames of purgatory to Gilles de Rais.[11] It is likely located beyond the gates of Hell, as Uriel went through Purgatory after he blasted open the gates.[12]


Cocytus is one of the levels of Hell. New Nephilim are first sent here after their death, and they must fought their way out. It is governed by Belphegor. (Lamia mentioned it is the lowest level, and that the newly-made demons must climb up).[13]

Second Layer/LevelEdit

Here reside demons of Lust and their servants.[14]

Third Level/LayerEdit

This level is for the demons of Gluttony.[15]

Fourth Level/LayerEdit

In the fourth lever are the souls that have fallen to greed.[16]


A city on the mountainside of the Demon World, it is Dantalion's territory.


A town on the military's front line. Uriel passed through here.[17]


Tartarus is a level of Hell. The Warden of Tartarus is Baalberith.[18]


The lowest level of Hell. It is the territory of Gilgamesh, who is called King of the Underworld.

Astaroth's WarshipEdit

Astaroth possesses an airbourne warship which she commands into battle. As of Astaroth's sleep, it is commanded by Lamia.



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