Angels are long-lived, powerful beings that inhabit Heaven and serve God.


Angels have wings, and demons describe them as bright, having light.

"Demons and Angels have low fertility rates so they have to take humans to increase their own numbers - angels make humans ascend and become their masters and demons make humans their kin."[1]

A human can become an angel in much the same way as a demon, by making a contract with an angel (demons say they then become puppets of Heaven). It was also revealed that pagan Gods can become angels, as was the case with Baalberith, before he fell. [2]

Demons describe angels as being far more vicious than them.

Angels have to repeatedly Sleep for a long time on order to keep their long life and replenish their power.


Archangels are the highest of the Angels. Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel (previously )are counted as archangels (and Lucifer until he Fell).

Jeanne d'Arc is strong enough to be given the title archangel.

Angels of PresenceEdit

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel were described as angels of presence.

Noble AngelsEdit

Noble angels are higher ranking angels. Azrael is one of the noble angels, and Chief of the Cherubim.

Angels of OriginEdit

Angels that were born as angels, and weren't human (or other) before.

Formerly HumanEdit

Humans that were turned into angels. It's said that when one becomes an angel, they lose their human personality and become a pawn of Heaven. Upon death, they are given new bodies by God, Michael called Metatron, a formerly human Angel, a clay doll.

Formerly human angels that were introduced so far. Metatron, Sandalphon, Saint Jeanne d'Arc, Saint George.

Former GodsEdit

Angels that used to Gods of their own Worlds but were given ranks as Angels ("summoned and canonised, given status") and accepted into Heaven (as their Worlds were either destroyed or conquered by Heaven).[3]


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