Vital statistics
Location separate dimension
Inhabitants Angels, Saints, God
Heaven or Supreme Heaven is the home of Angels. It is made out of floating islands, with a chain stretching from the sky down between them. The air in Heaven is thicker than of Earth.[1]
Heaven is also used when referring to the entirety of Angel-kind.


"Thanks to the work of them primordial angels, Heaven began to gain power rapidly. They took in other gods, destroyed small worlds and absorbed them. Sometimes they were annihilated. Sometimes gods were summoned and canonised, and were granted status in Heaven. It happens a lot in the Human World too."[2]


Angels have ranks.

Michael is the Chief of Angels, and the first in Heaven. Metatron is second in Heaven, right after Michael. Before Metatron, the Second and Michael's Right Hand, as well as the General of the Armies of Heaven used to be Gabriel.

There are divisions between angels, such as there being Archangels, Noble Angels and Angels of Presence.

There is also the Round Table, the members of which are the highest ranking angels. It consists of Michael, Raphael, Azrael, Raziel, Zachariel and Metatron.


Heaven is located in a seperate dimension from Earth. "Once there was a battle that was enough to tear Heaven and Earth apart."[3] Heaven seems to be consisted of floating islands, and has levels.


Or God's Palace (as per the Kanji reading) is the First Level level of Heaven[4]. On Etemenanki there is The Round Table, and the Rose Throne.



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