Gilles de Rais (ジル・ド・レイ) is a demon and former partner of Jeanne d'Arc. He is currently a Nephilim subordinate to the Grand Duke Baalberith.


Gilles has curly, light purple hair that transitions to blue at the ends and hangs over his right shoulder. His eyes are purple. Being a Nephilim, he has a blue, flame-like mark over his left eye. He wears a single, golden hoop in his right ear.

Gilles is most commonly seen wearing an extravagant violet frock coat with straps across the chest and wide, diamond-patterned cuffs, blue and white vertically striped tights, a short, high-collared black cape lined with turquoise, and a wide-brimmed violet hat. However, he has been known to don the Stratford School uniform when visiting.

Before becoming a demon, Gilles was shown in a military outfit similar to Jeanne's, only with a cone type metal helmet and shorter hair.

While he was awaiting his execution, Gilles wore loose prisoners clothes, and handcuffs. His hair went to his shoulders and seemed to have lost it's shine. His eyes were dead and lifeless and he had shadows under his eyes. When he was forced to work for William Twining, Gilles wore a maid outfit.


Gilles possesses of a very frivolous personality and a flair for dramatics. He tends to be very flirtatious and has an utter disregard for personal space.

He is also seen to be very sensitive when it comes to Jeanne and becomes very aggressive when someone insults her, often going completely berserk.[1] When she was brought up in episode 9, Gilles went insane, by stating his plan of what he wanted to do to her. He is also determined in his goals.

He does not regret any of the crimes he committed while he was human.

History Edit

Gilles Human

Gilles as a human.

Gilles was a soldier that fought alongside Jeanne d'Arc and developed feelings for her. When she was sentenced to death, he witnessed her being put under ecstasy by Michael and lost faith in both humanity and heaven.

He committed many crimes before being arrested and sentenced to death. When asked if he repented, Gilles refused and cursed everyone he felt wronged Jeanne and himself. Baalberith appeared and offered him a place in his fraction. He accepted when he was at death's door.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gilles has been shown to conduct lightning with his hands in episode 1 and 9. Like other demons, Gilles can fly.

Isaac's Undercover SectionEdit

Gilles isaac's undercover section

Gilles de Rais

A french nobleman from the 15th century and Marshal of France. He worked together with Jeanne d'Arc in Siege of Orleans in the Hundred Years' War, and was called a savior and national hero.

On the other hand, in his own territory he devoted and wasted vast money on black magic and alchemy. Also, for sexual arousal, he slaughtered hundreds of boys. Because he abducted and imprisoned a clergy, he was hanged at the end of a public trial.


One theory is that he went mad due to Jeanne d'Arc being captured on false charges and burned on the stake. Model for the fairy tale "Bluebeard".

Isaac: Fairy tale… Oh, they mean "Bluebeard" by Charles Perrault. But Gilles doesn't seem to have any blue beard? Okay! Let's ask!

Isaac: Gilles!

Gilles: Kyaa!! Wa-wait! I'm still preparing! Don't open the door!

Sign: A maiden's spadework is a trade secret."[2]


  • In one of the extra chapters he is a bartender for the bar "La Barbe Bleu".
  • His purple hat belonged to Jeanne during her lifetime. When she died he kept it.

Quotes Edit

  • (to the Hand of God) "You made her into a doll without any will!"[3]
  • (to the Ernest Crosby) "Sorry, I don't know what kind of moving story you were expecting, but did you think I became a demon just so I can see Jeanne? (...) Yes, that's right. Of course, I want to see her. I want to see her, then cover her in blood and violate her. Enough to erase the scars Michael gave her. Roughly and cruelly... that is my only wish. (...) I'll send her to oblivion with my own hands!"[4]
  • "Finally... I can meet that person! Jeanne, my eternal virgin!"[5]


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