"Gilgamesh was a King of the ancient Sumerians. Both Man and God, as a Nephilim he is the oldest and has the longest life. And now, the great demon who rules the lowest level called Underworld. The great contributor when Lucifer rebelled against Heaven. The oldest, lived the longest; the one with the most glory and owns the largest territory. And the most "apathetic"."[1]

There are a few contradictions involving Gilgamesh's early years, for it seems like Gilgamesh was allied to the angels and Heaven before switching to Hell's side. In the, presumably, first meeting with Dantalion, it looks like he's still on Michael's side. Dantalion calls him "a guy who a prostitute provided to his friend, and got him wasted to finish him off".[2] He was beloved to those he held dear, and close friends with them even after that[3]. Gilgamesh had a friend, with whom he traveled on many adventures; they defeated the monster Humbaba in the Cedar Forest, stole into the Gods' party and snitched food, they peeped on the Goddesses dressing and were proposed to... and they also peeled off the snake skin and were cursed by the Gods.[4] But his friend was killed by this World's Sole Light and the world was swallowed up, and now Gilgamesh is the only one left from his world.[5] He found it all boring since he lost his affection long ago, and wasn't even concerned about Lucifer's rebellion. But, to remain unchanged, he was apathetic about it.[6]

Then, Gilgamesh seemingly has a sudden change of heart, turning against Heaven and attacking the angels, and asks Dantalion to meet his Emperor[7]. At his question of how many thousands of wings he should tear off, Dantalion replies that he should go after the leader, revealing that the true General of Heaven's armies is not Michael, but Gabriel.[8]

Gigamesh calls Dantalion his friend, and has dragged the latter to: an upper-class Demon's Scotch Club, the hot springs of the unexplored world, the New World where they were covered in fluffy fur and to being a servant to the cats, over the years.[9]

He first appears in the manga offering to Dantalion to be his household member, saying that they are completely the same in having their "hometown destroyed by those damned light guys".[10]


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